Protective face mask (2 pieces: red and blue)


Protect yourself and others in style. We encourage everybody to stay at home, but when it’s necessary to go out, be cool like the brothers and wear a mask. It’s not only going to help protect yourself, but people around you as well.

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We would like to remind you that it’s necessary to regularly wash your hands with soap, use hand sanitisers and try to avoid touching your face (eyes, mouth and nose) as much as possible.

That’s why LavTwins have designed these multi-use two-layer protective masks to help you to avoid direct hand contact with your face. The shape of the product will allow the mask to sit comfortably on your face, while the elastic rubber bands won’t put any pressure on your ears. We chose a skin friendly fabric that can be machine-washed, allowing you to use the mask multiple times.

There is a small pocket on the side of the mask, allowing you to insert a PM2.5 filter or a paper napkin in between the layers for extra protection.

Instructions of use:

  1. Open the packaging in a clean environment
  2. Apply the mask on your face (fully covering your mouth and nose), using the rubber ear bands
  3. Adjust the mask if needed, making sure it sits comfortably on your face.

Warning! If the mask is infected of it’s getting difficult to breathe take if off immediately.

Made of: 100% Polyester

Storage: keep it in a dry and cool place.