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Ah, the beloved Palanga. Usually, you’d find us eating waffles on J. Basanavicius street and swimming in the sea. However, this time we’re here not to rest but to play basketball in the “Hoptrans 3×3” tournament!

This little adventure is exciting for Ksistof and I because we will be playing against some of our friends and basketball legends: Simas Jasaitis, Steponas Babrauskas, Justas Sinica, and Dainius Novickas. Don’t get us wrong, though. There are no friendships in a basketball court: only teammates and opponents.

Although most of the basketball players are very experienced, the 3×3 matches are different from what we’re used to. The game develops faster. Thus we’ll have to play more aggressively and read each other’s actions quicker Hopefully, LavTwins, the old guys, will manage to keep up. So our opponents should get ready since their butts are about to be kicked!



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