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A new chapter for Vilnius basketball

By February 18, 2022 No Comments

People say that nobody is getting any younger: this is not entirely right, though. In fact, Lavtwins just turned 42 years young!

On November 1st, Ksistof and I celebrated our birthday (yes, we were actually born on the same day!). Normally we would spend this day training on a basketball court. However, this year, we had a chance to meet up and have some quality time with our lovely families and beloved parents for the special occasion.

It felt like going back to our childhood — except that this time we got two separate presents instead of one (many of our friends and classmates hated coming to our birthdays back in the day because they had to bring gifts for both of us, so they would mostly buy only one to share; we never complained about it, though).

As for our birthday wishes to each other, Ksistof and I agree on one thing — we are the best gift of one another and love each other unconditionally. In the future, we simply hope to stay as close as we are now and strengthen our relationship even more (if that’s possible!). Ksistof actually finds no flaws in me whatsoever, while I think that my brother could be a little prettier and taller (hopefully, he’ll still age like fine wine!).

All joking aside, we hope to stay strong and healthy for many years to come and, of course, never lose our impeccable sense of humour. Happy birthday to us!



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