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By April 6, 2020 No Comments

Like in all workplaces, our colleagues are one of the best career perks! Ksistof and I love chatting to people more than anything, and living in a lockdown have been a challenge. So there’d be no better way to pass our time than catching up with our pals.

One night it clicked – why not to host weekly Instagram live streams and talk about sports, careers, or anything interesting to our fans?! Not a secret, only the bravest Lithuanian basketball legends would be invited to join us – we hoped that they would be able to answer all the trickiest and the most intriguing questions.

Besides, my brother and I wanted this to be a fun experience with much goofing around. Again, inviting someone very reserved wouldn’t work. After days of search and many phone calls (thank you, friends, for picking up), we had a list of four guests – Mindaugas Kuzminskas, Donatas Motiejunas, Jonas Maciulis and Arturas Gudaitis. I picked the time, Ksistof worked on possible topics to talk about, and the “Basketball not dead” series was born.

What did we get from this experience? Well, firstly, we got to see our amazing fans actively asking questions. Then there was an opportunity to reconnect with our colleagues – chatting about families, quarantine experiences and memories from the past was thrilling. Also, we proved that even in such circumstances, basketball is not dead (pun intended).

Last but not least, we’ve received many compliments on our jokes and even looks. Perhaps we are not only the tallest twins but also the most handsome ones in the world? All jokes aside, thanks to all who watched the LavTwins live stream and stay tuned for more!




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