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Don‘t know if you‘ve heard, but Shaq is launching the tallest model search for his fall nine of Shaw XLG apparel. Thanks to hundreds of messages from our fans who urged us to take part in the competition, we decided that this might actually work. After all, we are the tallest twins in the world that are also funny and Shaq LOVES funny.

So what did we do? We got our best suits on and made a short video, where we tell him why we are the models he is looking for. To tell you the truth, we might need to get some lessons on how to pose for fashion photography or rock the catwalk. Hopefully, Tatjana, my Mrs Globe 2018, will be happy to help us. I sense that if we filmed those lessons, they would go viral. Just imagine me and my brother trying to strike a Vogue pose. Hilarious.

But for now, all is done. Hope Shaq sees our potential and replies us fast, because we are already excited!

Stay positive guys!



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