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Over our professional careers, we changed a lot of clubs, cities and countries. It’s part of the job and we understand it. With our pro careers coming to an end, it was a blessing to get an opportunity with the up & coming London City Royals club in London, the UK.

The schedule for us, old guys, was very flexible and that made us even more interested in the offer at the start of it all. It allowed us to be with the families and grow our LavTwins brand with just some weekends spent in London training and playing games with the guys.

However, we are very sad to announce that on the 1st of December, 2019 we played the last game for London City Royals. The shocking news came when we just got back from our China trip.

In addition to us, the club also lots Vilius – the Lithuanian manager that was responsible for gathering the amazing crowds of people that came to cheer us on during British Basketball League games.

Our hearts are broken for the thousands of Lithuanians that supported us and the club last year and we want to thank you guys for the awesome atmosphere, messages and positive vibes. Your support was the main thing pushing us and the team forward at every game.

It’s heartbreaking to leave the guys we fought alongside this season, but basketball is a cruel business. We wish the club all the best and are grateful for the opportunity it provided for two old fellas like us.

We’ll miss you, London, but stay positive!



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