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Lavtwins Meet Harlem GlobetrottersDoes the name Harlem Globetrotters say anything to you? If you‘re a basketball fan, you know what we‘re talking about. This group of high jumping, widely dribbling and effortlessly spinning players is nuts and rightfully famous. You know it‘s good when even the youngest of Lavrinovic family members put their phones away for the show, but let’s begin from the start.

We arrived a little early. Luckily we got the seats on the front row – our legs are not made for any other kind of rows. So we’re sitting there when suddenly someone from the audience approaches asking for a picture. “Sure!” I reply, smile for a photo and sit down. Next thing you know there’s a crowd of people lining up to our seats waiting to get an autograph and a selfie! The show was about to start, but we still had a lot of fans waiting in line. Guess Globetrotters didn’t expect that the tallest twins in the world will steal their show!

Nah. We didn’t. Thank you, Globetrotters! You are number 1.

Stay positive guys!



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