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Easter for us is all about tradition. Ever since we were children it‘s the same routine every time: morning starts with egg artistry fueled by a brotherly competition. This year it was more intense than ever before – both Darjus‘s and Ksistof‘s families were on equal terms when it comes to real art. Well, at least we were thinking so, before we got to see what our papa and mama had prepared for us.

Once the eggs were ready, we jumped into our cars and both families met up at our parents‘ place. Their home always amazes us – not only it manages to fit the tallest twins in the world, but is also always large enough for a family of 9 to squeeze in comfortably.

Anyway, once we got there we realized our art is nothing compared to the egg-painting wisdom of our parents – they have a lot more experience afterall. The fun and sad part of the Easter is that you have to break the eggs you’ve worked so hard on to prepare. There’s no shame in admitting that neither Darjus nor Ksistof won the championship. The gold medal in egg-breaking went to the youngest lady of the family – Emily!

It’s a real blast to have this huge family gathering together every once in a while. Family is everything, right?

Stay positive, guys!




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