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As soon as we started travelling with basketball, we felt the international lifestyle that the basketball players live most of their lives travelling through the world. By globetrotting, tasting different cuisines, exploring variety of cultures, we were very much inspired by the fashion in different parts of the world.

Having model-like wives did allow us to get an even better understanding of the fashion industry principles and get to know the Guesses, the Armanis and the Gabbanas of the industry. From then on, we were known all over for our unique style and taste.

When we came back from Italy with the fanny packs, everyone laughed, but just look at them now – they’re everywhere and on everyone. Now we have a huge collection of those – all sizes, all brands and every possible material.

But what inspired us the most was the lifestyle that the basketball players live. We train at least 2 times a day, have a nap almost every day, go to the gym, travel a lot, etc. We need to always be comfortable, no matter where we are.

All of this led to us having an idea of creating our own line of clothing in line with the LavTwins brand. It is our dream-come-true, our baby and one of the things we are really proud of. We are humbled and honoured to present you the LavTwins apparel!

Our limited edition collection offers 3 different colour t-shirts, amazingly cosy hoodies, as well as warm and fluffy sweat suits. Get yourself one, get your significant other one, gift it to your friend, buy it for your boss or enemy – LavTwins apparel works great on everyone!

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