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Back when we started playing, there was no internet, no twitter and no Instagram. We couldn’t watch and learn from the best in the NBA – we were in the dark about the Jordan’s first years in the league, about the greatness of Chamberlain or Walton.

Later on, when our career progressed, we started seeing the stars that everyone talked about in real life – in the corridors and arenas of Olympics, Euroleague and other tournaments. They seemed god-like to us in everything they did and how they looked.

But there was one of them that hit all the right notes. The one that was purely magical every time we saw him play. Even then, already playing professionally, we tried mimicking his fade-away, his ankle-breaker.

In 2008, both of us were blessed to play against him on court – to learn from the living legend himself. It was an honour, a blessing and an exciting opportunity as well. Even though we lost the game 84-120, there was not a minute of the game when we weren’t watching him do his magic.

Kobe Bryant was probably one of the humblest NBA superstars. A definite future hall of famer, a living legend. There’s no words that would describe Kobe’s determination, mind-set and the work ethic the man had. You only have to look at his last game as a Laker to understand that he was one of the GOATs.

Our LavTwins families extend our most sincere condolences to the Bryant family.

Mamba out….



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