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Suits and ties make us feel like we’re about to be called on a secret mission in a James Bond film. However, a special occasion is even more exciting! Today LavTwins attended the Lithuanian music awards M.A.M.A. 2019.

Darjus and I had a blast watching some of our favourite singers perform. Little did they know that we’d fancy joining them on stage… When it was time for us to announce the album of the year, we pulled an act and sang “39” by Saulius Prusaitis. It would be fair to say that no one should allow us to sing on stage ever again. Ever.

Of course, we didn’t stop there. When the hosts asked us to announce the winner, we introduced our album of the year. It was a photo album with our best childhood pictures. Darjus and I worked on it for the whole year, so we believed that it deserved to win. Oh well, some may say that Jazzu deserved it better.

Despite entertaining everyone with our jokes, we loved dressing up, the performances, and spending time with our wives. Although Saulius Prusaitis might be disappointed with our singing. But the evening couldn’t have been better, and who knows: maybe next year LavTwins will be hosting the show.



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