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Since our basketball career is slowly coming to an end, it’s the perfect time for us to explore the world. Therefore we proudly announce: we’re going to China! The country is basically the other side of the world for us. We fully understand that before going, we need to get to know the country and its customs beforehand.

With the help of our dear friend and teacher Yaoju, we’ve launched a Youtube series to understand the Chinese culture a little better. Surprise, surprise: it is way different from what you’d expect.
The first episode got us through several enduring challenges and weirdly exciting viral videos. We barely survived the century egg, a traditional Chinese dish, competed in a chopsticks battle and, well, you have to see it by yourselves to see what we went through. Good news for you guys though: this is just the beginning of fun and challenges.

Be sure to check out the video and share your tips and tricks, suggestions and ideas for our next preparation video.

In the meantime, stay positive, guys!



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