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lavtwins with simona banditaIt’s hard to face your limits. Whether as fathers, professionals or friends, we always want to be perfect. At least I and my brother do. All the time. Is it really possible? Probably not, but we strive for it. For example, when today we went to the recording studio to do the voice over for the TV commercial we’ve done for Kidy Tour. What we expected was to show up, worm up those voice strings in a few takes and then do a couple of the top-notch ones sounding like Morgan Freeman. What actually happened? I’ll tell you, so the next time you’re bad at something you could just remember our story and laugh a little.

Ok, so we show up at this recording studio. Our manager, as always, is in good spirits and so is everybody in the room. We go into the recording booth, joke around a little to break the ice and then get to the real thing – recording the voice-over. After the first attempt, we look up at everyone sitting on the sofa and realize that this might be harder than we thought.

After two hours in, it got messy. We’re sweating because our recordings with every time get worse. I see Darjus is close to tears, our manager is already looking for another job and the sound engineer is hiding under the mixing table. We don’t want to know what would have happened if Jevgenij wouldn’t have helped us. With his precise body language, he became a conductor of our lost orchestra. And we did it!

On our way out we also met Simona Bandita. She’s a local radio star and a DJ. We took a picture together, as she is on some kind of challenge now when you have to remember a certain number of cards. She using a technique when you associate each card with a real person and 2 of clubs is us! Glad we can help, Simona!

Stay positive guys!



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