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lavtwins on the radio showOne of the most popular radio stations in Lithuania invited us for a short interview. It was a morning show so we got there a little sleepy, but an adrenaline rush before going live did well waking us up.

This time Darjus was doing most of the talking and of course, he didn’t miss a chance to pull a joke on me. That bastard. I’ll get him next time.

We talked about our kids, what it means being the tallest twins in the world, Lopez brothers and a recent holiday. Hopefully, listeners had a good laugh listening to our stories! If you haven’t noticed, we always try to mix in a joke or two and look at everything from a positive perspective. That’s just in our nature and it helps us a lot to get through various things. If we had to tell you what’s our message or a mission with everything we do these days, it is to add a little humbleness, positivity and cheer to the conversation.

If that’s what you need in your life, follow us on social media! We’re glad to make you laugh or look at things with ease.

Stay positive guys!




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