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From crowds  of fans following us around everywhere we go, to giving a spontaneous speech on a stage and attending an unusual blackface party – our trip to China is full of surprises and adventures. We didn’t know what to expect when we first decided to participate in the biggest Twins Festival in the world, but it surely has exceeded all of our expectations so far.

The start of the trip didn’t go as planned – due to delays, we arrived in China a whole day later than expected and missed our welcoming greeting with the fans. We barely got any sleep and we’re on a very tight schedule, but we’re staying positive and the experience is definitely worth it!

The festival started with a twin parade, where thousands of twins from all around the world walked the main streets of the Mojiang city center. Because of our height, we definitely stood out and soon, we had crowds of fans following us around and asking to take selfies. The next thing we know, we’re in the spot light and are surrounded by journalists, asking us questions.

One of the biggest highlights of the festival, however, was the blackface party. We each got a bag of ashes and all of a sudden people started slapping our faces and colouring them black. It’s good that we are extremely tall, so we were a hard target to get to. This unusual tradition has a special meaning though – it wishes people luck.

The day ended with a massive feast and an evening party, where we were invited on the stage and got to give a spontaneous speech. Follow our YouTube channel to find out more and see how it went.



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