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Lavtwins interview at delfiIt’s always a pleasure to talk about your passion and this was not an exception, apart from the fact that I kept confusing my cup of coffee with that of an interviewer. I’m lucky he’s an easy going guy and we had a good laugh about it. Positive people are the best.

So we went to DELFI to talk about basketball. Always a pleasure to remember the times with Lithuanian national basketball team, though recollecting how many years have passed – not so much. We are 39 now. The time flies when you’re having fun.

We shortly discussed our experience in various basketball teams, current national team, FIBA World cup 2019 and how easy it is to make our mothers-in-law angry. All the topics that would appeal to any basketball fan. As you can imagine, it was a blast and we couldn’t help ourselves, but insert a joke from time to time. That’s what you have to expect when inviting us on the show – make sure you have high enough ceilings for the tallest twins in the world and sense of humour, so you don’t get angry when we start making fun.

Got both? We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Stay positive guys!



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