LavTwins have some super exciting news to share with you!  After months and months of binge-watching reality TV shows, the world’s tallest twins are on the way to becoming TV stars themselves.

The Lithuanian TV channel, LNK has invited us to take part in a TV show called “The masked singer” as jury members. Our duty will be to guess which famous Lithuanian people are hiding behind the masks and we couldn’t take this more seriously!

Ksistof has spent the last two weeks watching all previous seasons of the show, and creating the best strategy for guessing and voting. Everyone knows that he is the one who makes all the decisions. He is the older twin, after all.

I am more thrilled about sharing my jokes on live TV. Worst case scenario, we can always go backstage and spy on the participants. We are also looking forward to other more important things besides guessing. Like meeting new people, having a good time, and giving away the prize to a talented singer!

There is one last thing to do before the show begins… We have not told our wives about this TV adventure yet. Hopefully, they will be as happy as we are. Tatyana and Edita, if you are reading this before we tell you, please do not get mad at us.

Stay positive and see you all on live TV!

P.S. Throughout the show we’ll be giving away some LavTwins merchandise to the contestants. If you see anything you’d like, here’s a link to the store: LavTwins Shop



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