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lavtwins on tv showLights, camera, action! One of the most popular TV shows in Lithuania invited us over. What could we say? Everything we ever wanted! Kidding. No TV producer would ever allow my brother to say whatever that comes to his mind. We were invited to share fun travelling stories.

We said that the beaches were superb, the all-inclusive service was fabulous and the weather with hot Egyptian sun got us roasted like crabs. Everyone chooses a hotel according to his or her needs, so for me and Darjus, it’s very important that the hotel would have a good and spacious gym. It can be a holiday, but it’s not an excuse to miss out on a leg day! So all in all with the help of tour organizer Kidy Tour, all our holiday requests and dreams come true. But if you’re following ours or Kidy Tour’s social media accounts you already know that.

What you don’t know is that when we were flying to China for the Olympic Games in Beijing, we had to sit in one place for 10 hours. And what’s worst, we didn’t get the front seat! When in two hours our legs were about to fall off, my brother stood up and walked up to the Asian people sitting in the front row. After a few minutes, he comes back saying: “Either they are assholes, or they don’t understand Lithuanian.”

Stay positive guys!

lavtwins on national tv show



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