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Today we got invited to the Lithuanian infantry battalion. A day looked promising: the weather was nice, we were about to meet a group of high spirited men and women and my brother was stressing over his inspirational speech that he was about to give today.

It’s about a two hours’ drive from our house to the battalion and I had plenty of time to annoy Darjus over his choice of words for his address. Yet when we got there, it was Darjus who laughed last. My choice of clothes was poor, to say the least. In a group of soldiers dressed in camouflage, my white jacket was the reason that in a real war would get us all killed in seconds. You could spot me from miles! The height doesn’t help either. The tallest twins in the world could never be soldiers, I guess.

Also, my brother’s speech went so well that I could swear I saw how one tear rolled down battalion commander’s face. He squeezed them like a bunch of lemons!

After two hours of walking through the dirt, sitting in tanks and holding weapons we were mesmerized by the work this battalion does for our country. Much respect! Thank you for having us.

Stay positive guys!



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