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After a successful debut, LavTwins will make Lithuania laugh again

In August, Ksistof and Darjus Lavrinovic made their successful debut as comedians, and now they’re back with their anecdotes show “Broliu anekdotu sou.” However, this time, it will be even more serious — that is, funnier — because, as the brothers themselves say, they feel “prepared more than ever and ready to conquer their audience.” The first show will take place on December 28 in Kaunas and will continue right after the New Year’s across the whole country.

“Basketball players? We’ve always been comedians!”

Even though Ksistof and Darjus ended their professional basketball players’ careers more than a year ago, they always knew they couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. It wasn’t too difficult for them to figure out what to do next because they always knew their strengths. “We know why people love us, and it’s not about basketball, as one may think. Primarily, people love us for our ability to make fun of ourselves and the world around us — and we couldn’t be happier to make them happy, too,” says Ksistof.

However, the tallest twins don’t overestimate their talents. Despite having a great sense of humor, which they believe they inherited from their parents, Ksistof and Darjus admit that cracking jokes on the stage is completely different from casually doing it with friends. However, thanks to their hard work and the support of a professional team, the brothers say that they are improving rapidly and understanding the intricacies of the craft of comedy better each day.

“Before our first show in Palanga, our hands were literally shaking, even though we had prepared a lot. We still feel a bit nervous, but we are way more confident now, mainly because we’ve learned so much, and we’ll try to make our upcoming shows completely bombastic,” assures Darjus.

What makes “Broliu anekdotu sou” special?

The format of “Broliu anekdotu sou” is very simple: it’s based on the principle of four quarters of a basketball game. During each “quarter,” Ksisfof and Darjus will present original and never-before-heard anecdotes. The brothers aren’t going to relax on the “breaks” either — during the latter, they’ll become even more personal and share stories of their youth, basketball career, and funny incidents from their time on the national team.

When asked why they chose the genre of anecdotes, especially nowadays when stand-up comedians dominate the scene, the brothers say that the anecdotes, which were extremely popular 10-15 years ago, later became undeservedly forgotten. “Of course, all those worn-out jokes may no longer make anyone laugh, but you don’t have to be primitive. We put in a lot of work and creativity before we come up with something good, but we like challenges, so it’s a win-win,” says Darjus.

The brothers’ anecdotes show is organized by “Vabalo filmai”, a company well-known for producing several humor projects and comedies in Lithuania. LavTwins are happy that their partners’ expertise will ensure their spectators receive the highest quality experience during the event.

A dose of laughter for Christmas? Yes, please!

Ksistof and Darjus will begin the “Broliu anekdotu sou” tour right after Christmas and continue until mid-April. Former athletes joke that they didn’t even have to think about Christmas gifts this year — they gave all their friends and relatives tickets to the event. “Of course, our wives get to see our “shows” for free every day anyway, so we’ll probably have to come up with something else for them,” laughs Ksistof.

The tallest twins also recommend everyone who hasn’t had time to buy gifts for their loved ones to give a dose of laughter instead of a usual Christmas gift this year. After all, we all need good emotions and genuine positivity, which can only be evoked by experiences like this.

“It’s scientifically proven that laughter produces vitamin C in our bodies. Isn’t that exactly what we all need in winter to stay healthy and full of energy? Just think about it, you won’t even have to buy supplements because you’ll naturally boost your immune system! My brother and I know it better than anyone else — we laugh so much that we’ve only been sick maybe twice in our lives,” jokes Darjus.

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